2800 Louisiana Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Ph. 505-888-4156
Fax. 505-888-1756

Monday through Thursday
Doors open 7:30 AM
School starts 8:00 AM
Dismissal 3:25 PM

Extended Care
4:00 until 5:30 PM

Student Handbook

I.   Our Philosophy on Education     

      Education is plagued by problems in our society. There can be no education if there

      is not a disciplined environment in which to educate our young people. Character

      levels are dropping as fast as academics are declining, because without character

      to apply effort in learning there is no learning.

      We are endeavoring to provide a positive Christian atmosphere in which our young

      people may learn. We hold our students to high spiritual standards, high standards

      of conduct, and high academic standards. The Biblical truths that we want our

      students to apply to their lives will further their education.

II.  Our Purpose and Objectives
      It is our desire as a ministry of Bella Vista Baptist Church to provide excellence in
      academics, growth in maturity, and discipline in the physical and spiritual lives of
      our students. We are an institution, based on Biblical principles, that seeks to assist
      parents in the process of training godly children. We want our young people to
      know how to live well and not just how to make a living.

III. Our Accreditation

      We are not accredited by any governing association or governing board. Our chief

      administrator is the pastor of Bella Vista Baptist Church. We are seeking to please

      God in the education of his children. We do not seek accreditation by anyone but


      Accreditation of a private school is not necessary for a graduate of that school to

      enroll in a college or university. We meet or exceed all of the state of New Mexico’s

      requirements for education. Our students take standardized tests each year to

      monitor their progress. Every student in the 4th through the 11th grade takes the

      Stanford 10 assessment test in the Spring. Our upperclassmen take the PSAT each

      Fall to prepare them for the SAT test that evaluates each graduate’s aptitude for

      consideration of admission to institutions of higher learning. We also make

      information available about the ACT test for those upperclassmen that are

      interested in taking this test.

IV. Our Admissions Policy

      A.   We admit students of any race, color, ethnic or national origin. We extend to

            every student all the privileges, programs, and activities that are generally

            afforded any student of our school.

      B.   Attendance at our school is a privilege not a right. Students must comply with
            the rules of our school to maintain their privileges.
      C.   We reserve the right to refuse admission, suspend, or expel from our school any
            student who does not meet the policies, rules, and guidelines of our school.
      D.   We are not a reform school. School records from previous schools must reflect
            good behavior and sound academics.
      E.   Any student seeking admission or currently enrolled in our school must meet
            the following criteria.

            a)   The Principal, teacher, and secretary will conduct an interview with the

                  prospective student and at least one parent or guardian of that child before

                  admission to Christian Heritage Academy.

            b)   We do not admit students who have been involved in sexual misconduct of
                  any kind.
            c)   We do not admit students who have been a father or mother.
            d)   We do not admit students who live alone.

            e)   We do not admit students who do not desire to attend our school.

            f)    We do not admit students who are involved in tobacco use, alcohol use, drug

                  use, or rebellion toward authority.

            g)   We do not admit students who have tattoos or body piercing.

            h)   The child’s parents or guardians must be committed to involvement in their

                  child’s education.

            i)    The child’s parents or guardians must be planning, in good faith, to pay

                  tuition in a timely manner.

            j)    The parents or guardians and the prospective student must read all forms

                  for enrollment, agree to all terms, rules, guidelines, and agree to support the

                  regulations of the school.

            k)   The parents must agree to support the principles and standards of conduct

                  of the school beyond the school campus in the interest of keeping a good

                  testimony among the families and student body of our school.

V.  Our Enrollment Policy
      A.   After conducting an interview and upon the Principal's invitation to enroll the
            child, the parents or guardian must complete an admissions packet for our
      B.   A non-refundable application fee of $25.00 per family is required to process any
      C.   A non-refundable registration fee of $75.00 per student is required annually.
      D.   Your student will have a place officially reserved for them at this time.
      E.   Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by September 1.
      F.   First grade prospects must be able to pass a reading test administered by our
      G.  Current immunization records must be on file in our office after student is
            officially registered.
      H.   All admissions packet forms must be on file in our office in order to be officially

VI. Our Emergency Policy
      A.   The admissions packet contact numbers are the method for notifying you in
            case of any emergency regarding your child.
      B.   Notify us if there are any changes in these numbers.

      C.   We will notify parents or guardians of any illness, injury, or incident that is


      D.   If no parents or guardians are available, we will do what we believe to be in the

            best interest of the child’s welfare.

VII. Our Medication Policy
      A.   Law requires that all medication be stored in the school office.
      B.   A dated note from the parent must be sent to the office in order to register any
            medicine in writing with the school office.
      C.   No medication, prescription or otherwise, may be taken on the school campus
            without the knowledge of the school staff.
      D.   All correspondence concerning student medication must be updated each year.

VIII. Our Tardiness Policy
     A.   Any tardy student must report immediately to the school office.
     B.   The secretary will issue a pass for the student to attend class.
     C.   Unexcused tardiness:
            a)   The student will be required to serve a 30-minute detention.
            b)   Five times tardy will warrant a letter to parents from the school.
            c)   The Principal will handle excessive tardiness at his discretion.
     D.   Excused Tardiness:
            a)   Reasons for which we excuse tardiness:
                   (i)     Widespread traffic problems affecting many students.
                   (ii)    Mechanical problems with vehicles.
                   (iii)   Doctor’s appointments.
                   (iv)   Illness of Parents. (Ill students should not attend if they are contagious.)
                   (v)    Parents’ or guardian’s appointments.
           b)   Excused tardiness must be accompanied by a note or phone call of
                 explanation from the parents.

IX. Our Child Pick-Up Policy
      A.   Parental consent for child pick-up is in the admissions packet.
      B.   This list represents the only people who have permission to pick your child up
            from school.
      C.   Please inform us of any changes throughout the year.
      D.   You may choose as many names as you wish.
      E.   You may only add names to the list in writing.
      F.   People not on the list may not pick up any child without written permission. If
            the parents intend to add an authorized person to the pick-up list, a phone call
            will be accepted until written permission is received in the office.
      G.   Students who are not enrolled at Christian Heritage Academy are not
            authorized to come and wait for parent pick-up.

X.   Our Snow Day Policy

      A.   Weather related delays or cancellations will be announced separately on the

            three local television stations on channels 4, 7, and 13 no later than 6:30 a.m.

      B.   Our weather related (i.e. road conditions) delays or cancellation schedule will be

            exactly what Albuquerque Public Schools (City) announces. We do not follow

            non-weather related delays or closures by APS.

      C.   Listen for the APS schedule. (We may announce separately on T.V. stations at our

            discretion; however, CHA will leave updated recording of schedule changes on

            CHA office voicemail.)

XI.  Our Attendance Policy
       A.   School Calendar.
              a)   A current school calendar is available in the school office.
              b)   The school calendar lists beginning dates and ending dates, vacation
                    dates, and event dates.
       B.   School Days.
              a)   Monday through Thursday.
              b)   No school on Friday.
       C.   School Hours.

              a)   Regular Hours. (No Extra Charge)
                     (i)     7:30 a.m.—Doors will open. (In cold weather, students may be let in


                     (ii)    8:00a.m.—Classes start.
                     (iii)   3:30 p.m.—Classes dismissed.
                     (iv)   4:00 p.m. —Extended Care begins.

              b)   Extended Care. (Extra Fees Charged)

                     (i)     4:00 p.m. - $3.00 per hour per student.
                     (ii)    5:30 p.m. - Students must be picked up by this time.
                     (iii)   Any extended care given past 5:30 p.m. will be charged at a rate of
                             $5.00 every 15 minutes.
                     (iv)   Partial hours will be pro-rated by the minute.

       D.  Absences.

a)  If a student is absent, the student must present a dated written explanation, signed by a parent or guardian, when they return to class.  Parent or guardian must  call to notify school office no later than 8:00 a.m. when a student will be absent,  however, a written note will be required when students return to class. Failure to bring  a written note will result in the student receiving a 10-minute detention.

              b)   If a student has been ill for an extended period, (Four school days or more)
                    the student must present a written excuse from a physician to the teacher
                    for readmission to class.

              c)   Students exceeding 9 absences per semester may be put on probation and

                    subject to expulsion, re-enrollment may be denied for upcoming year. This

                    is not an entitlement to a given number of absences. This is a legal limit.

              d)   Students will not receive permission for early dismissal on a regular basis.

              e)   Parents or guardians needing to pick up their child early must sign them

                    out at the school office.

XII. Our Lunch Policy

      A.   Hot lunch items are available to purchase every day at posted prices.
      B.   Drinks and snack foods are available at breaks and lunch times.
      C.   Students may not consume food or drinks outside the cafeteria.
      D.   Students may not bring food or drinks into the bathrooms.
      E.   Students may bring food from home to be heated, but it must be already
            prepared (not wrapped in foil), and ready to heat and serve.
      F.   If students forget lunch items/money they will be allowed to call parents for
            permission to charge or parents may bring lunch to student.

XIII. Our Facilities and Buildings Policy
      A.   All students must enter the building in the morning through the lobby doors by
            the gymnasium.
      B.   K4/K5 students will be picked up at those same doors in the gymnasium lobby.
      C.   1st grade through 12th grade students will exit the doors at the north end of the
      D.   No student may be in the hallway during class hours without permission from a
             teacher or staff member.
      E.    All students wait in the gymnasium until class time in the morning.
      F.    Students may not lean on the rails in the cafeteria area.
      G.   Students may not be in the auditorium without permission from a teacher or
             staff member.
      H.    Students may not loiter in the restrooms (no one may “hang out” and visit).
      I.     Any student who pulls the fire alarm signal, purposefully or accidentally, is
             subject to expulsion at the Principal's discretion.
      J.     Any student who vandalizes school property in any way is subject to expulsion
             at the Principal's discretion.

      K.    We have a closed campus. No one may visit without permission.

      L.    All visitors must check in with the school office.
      M.   All visitors must abide by the school dress code. (No shorts for men or women,


XIV. Our Standard of Conduct Policy

       A.   Students must demonstrate Christ-like behavior during school and all school
       B.   Students are expected to:
             a)   Be courteous.
             b)   Dress modestly.
             c)   Speak properly, politely, and positively.
             d)   Address the staff as “Mr.”, or “Bro.”, or “Mrs.”, or “Miss”.
             e)   Respond with, “Yes Sir”, “No Sir”, “Yes Ma’am”, “No Ma’am”.
      C.   Students may NOT:
             a)   Swear, Curse, or use inappropriate language of any kind including
 "Christian cussing"
             b)   Tease others or use rude gestures.
             c)   Argue with each other or their authorities.
             d)   Show disrespect to authorities. (Rolling eyes, talk back, etc.)
             e)   Gripe about the programs, people, or principles of the school.
             f)    Gossip or talk scornfully about other students or staff members.
             g)   Bring knives, matches, lighters, chemicals, guns, or weapons on school
             h)   Bring radios, CD players, IPod’s, MP3 players, video games, videos, CD’s, or
                   other electronic devices on school property.
 i)    Listen to unapproved music on or off campus (rock, heavy metal, rap, hip-hop,  R & B, pop, country, contemporary Christian, Christian rap/rock.)
             j)    Bring magazines or books unapproved by the Principal.
             k)    Chew gum on the school or church property.
             l)   Show public affection. No touching.
             m)    Talk favorably about using narcotics or other sinful activities.
             n)  Pursue boyfriend/girlfriend relationships at anytime whether on or off
                   school property.

XV. Standard of Conduct Policy for the Internet and Social Media

       A.   All standards of conduct for behavior at school apply to the internet. Regarding

             Social Media students may NOT:

             a)   Curse or use vulgarity of any kind.

             b)   Complain or gossip about the teachers or administration of CHA.

             c)   Gossip or talk scornfully about other students.

             d)  Talk favorably about using narcotics, drinking, or other sinful activities.

             e)   Listen to, post about, or "like" an ungodly musician or group.

             f)   Post pictures of themselves or others in clothes that would violate school dress                          code.

             g)   Pursue boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.

       B.   Students who violate internet/social media policy will not be allowed to return                             to school until the posts have been deleted.

       C.   Students are not required to "friend" or "follow" a staff member, but are expected to                 be forthcoming about the various types of social media that they use.

       D.   Parents and students are strongly encouraged to follow CHA on the social

             media sites that the school uses including Facebook, Twitter, and


       E.   Parents are expected to know what sites their children are using. Ungodly or                               unbiblical sites are prohibited.

XVI.  Our Discipline and Correction Policy

     A.   We want our young people to learn self-discipline through Biblical training and

           loving correction.

     B.   The Bible is very clear that parents and authorities are to train children to be

           godly and have good character.

     C.   We do not want to punish anyone, but we are willing to correct a young person

           who has showed a lack of self- discipline.

     D.   We correct our students with a system of demerits (or marks) and detentions for

           some specific violations of school rules.

           a)   Marks

                 (i)      Talking in class without permission.

                 (ii)     Out of seat without permission.

                 (iii)    Not following regulations and procedures of the learning center. (Flags,

                          Red Pens, Goal Cards, Unnecessary Questions, Messy Desks, Etc.)

                 (iv)    Not meeting the requirements listed above in section XIV . B.

                 (v)     Bad attitude.

                 (vi)    Wasting time.

                 (vii)   Entering areas that are off limits.

                 (viii)  Passing notes.

                 (ix)    Leaning back in chair.

                 (x)     Turning around or daydreaming in office.

                 (xi)    Leaving class for the restroom without permission, unless sick (Note:

                          restrooms are provided for use during breaks).

                 (xii)   Doodling or drawing on pictures in paces.

           b)   Detentions. (Some classes substitute a certain number of sentences, running

                  laps, or various cleaning duties instead of a number of minutes.)

                 (i)   Some violations receive an automatic 30- minute detention served after

                       school on the following day.

                       1.   Chewing gum.

                       2.   Homework incomplete.

                       3.   Unprepared to dress for P.E.

                       4.   Throwing food.

                       5.   Unexcused tardiness.

                       6.   5 marks in one day for separate violations.

                       7.   Forgets paces.

                       8.   If the student forgets paces, P.E. clothes or shoes. Note: students are

                             not allowed to call parents to bring items, and will not be allowed to

                             participate in P.E. if they forget their P.E. clothes.

                 (ii)   Some violations receive an automatic 20- minute detention served after

                        school on the following day.

                        1.   More than one dress code violation received in a week.

                        2.   4 marks in one day for separate violations.

                        3.   No Bible in class.

                 (iii)   Some violations receive an automatic 10- minute detention served after

                         school on the following day.

                         1.   3 marks in one day for separate violations.

                         2.   Forms for parents to sign are unsigned. (Homework slips, Detention

                               notifications, and Oops slips, etc.) Note: students are not allowed to                                          call parents to bring items.

                         3.   No absence note presented.

                 (iv)   Some detentions may be served by writing sentences at the teacher’s


     E.   We correct our students with corporal punishment for the more serious

           violations of rules and regulations.

           a)   All corporal punishment is administered by the parents at Christian Heritage

                 Academy and must be supervised by an authorized staff member.

           b)   Administered out of love and not anger.

           c)   Administered Biblically:

                 (i)     Proverbs 19:18 -- Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy

                         soul spare for his crying.

                 (ii)    Proverbs 13:24 -- He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that

                         loveth him chasteneth him betimes.

                 (iii)   Proverbs 22:15 -- Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the

                         rod of correction shall drive it far from him.

           d)   Some violations warrant corporal punishment (swats) automatically.

                 (i)      Disobedience.

                 (ii)     Disrespect.

                 (iii)    Fighting.

                 (iv)    Lying or withholding the truth.

                 (v)     3 marks for the same violation in one day.

                 (vi)    Cheating.

                 (vii)   Destruction of other students' property.
           e)   If a student commits the same offense more than once that requires swats,

                 that student may be subject to suspension or expulsion.

     F.   Some violations cause automatic expulsion from Christian Heritage Academy

           a)   Kissing or immorality, bringing alcohol, tobacco, drugs, guns, knives, weapons,                           chemicals, explosives, or pornography on the campus.

           b)   Body piercing, getting drunk, going to bars, running away from home.

           c)   Leaving campus without permission, riding in a car without permission, or

                 reckless driving.

           d)    Pulling the fire alarm or vandalizing school property.

           e)   Any behavior that does not reflect Christian morals.

           f)   Any behavior that tarnishes the testimony of Christian Heritage Academy or

                 Bella Vista Baptist Church.

          g)    Parents or students not acting in support of school policies, standards, and

                 convictions. (Complaining and rebellion will not be tolerated.)

         h)    Currently enrolled students will not be allowed to spend time with expelled


i)   Expelled students will not be issued a refund for any fees or tuition.

     G. Some violations cause automatic suspension from Christian Heritage Academy
a) Cursing, swearing or using vulgar language (2nd offense).
b) Fighting (2nd offense).
c) Listening to unapproved music.
d) Terms and length of these suspensions will vary case by case, and be decided by the administration.

XVII.   Scoring Violations
     A.   Any PACE with 8 “blatant” or 15 “careless” violations will be reissued. Parents will
           be charged $9.25 to replace the PACE. Anytime scoring violations are found, all
           the PACES will be taken and checked for scoring violations.
     B.   All reissued PACES will be handled as a disciplinary problem. A discipline log
           sheet will be filled out in the office, parents called, and a meeting with Bro.
           Leeder scheduled for that day or as soon as possible.
           a)  Careless:
                 (i)     1st Offense—Reissue and 30 minute detention.
                 (ii)    2nd Offense-Reissue and 60 minute detention.
                 (iii)   3rd Offense—Reissue and Swats
                 (iv)   4th Offense—3 day suspension
                 (v)    5th Offense—Suspension to be determined by Principal.
                 (vi)   6th Offense—Expulsion.
           b)  Blatant:
                 (i)     1st Offense—Reissue and swats
                 (ii)    2nd Offense—Reissue and swats
                 (iii)   3rd Offense—3 day suspension
                 (iv)   4th Offense—Suspension/Expulsion to be determined by principal.

XVIII.  Our Dress Code Policy

         A.   Dress Code for Boys.

               a)   Boys’ Pants.

                     (i)      Students may not wear tight fitting, extremely faded, leather, baggy,

                              too low, too big, sagging, cargo pants, or skinny jeans.

                     (ii)     Dress slacks, jeans (sensible colors), carpenter pants, and casual

                              pants are acceptable.

                     (iii)    Designs of any kind are not permitted anywhere on jeans.

                     (iv)    Boys will wear belts with pants that have belt loops.

                     (v)     Pants may not be tattered, torn, frayed, or faded in improper places.

                     (vi)    Pants may not be oversized.

               b)   Boys’ Shirts.

                     (i)      Must be a collared shirt every day of the week.

                     (ii)     Writing on shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets must be limited to

                              small brand logos. No large printing, logos, or pictures.

                     (iii)    Must be white, button down, dress shirt on Wednesday. (White shirt

                              and tie for Chapel.)

                     (iv)    White undershirts must be worn under white shirts. No writing on

                              undershirts. Undershirts are to be crew neck or V neck (no tank

                              top style).

                     (v)     Sweaters must have a collared shirt underneath.

                     (vi)    No T-shirts except in P.E. (See P.E. Dress Code)

               c)   Boys’ Shoes.

                     (i)      Dress shoes, casual shoes, and tennis shoes must be neatly kept.

                     (ii)     Tennis shoes are only acceptable if they are mostly white.

                     (iii)    Dress socks or crew socks are acceptable; no ankle socks (socks must

                              fit over ankle).

                     (iv)    No sandals are acceptable for the boys.
               d)   Boys’ Jewelry
                     (i)      No necklaces.
                     (ii)     No earrings or pierced ears.
                     (iii)    No bracelets (i.e. rubber bracelets, bands, etc.)

               e)   Boys’ Hair.

                     (i)      No long hair, no spiked hair, no colored hair, no mushroom cuts, no

                              bushy bangs, no sliced side burns, no long side burns, no skater

                              haircuts, no “gang-banger” haircuts, and no gothic look.

                     (ii)     Must be regular men’s haircut, tapered (not blocked), off the collar,

                              off the ears, and neatly combed with a part (no disconnected parts or

                              shaved sides).

                     (iii)    Must be clean-shaven.

         B.   Dress Code for Girls.

               a)   Girls’ Blouses and Shirts

                     (i)        Girls may not wear see-through materials at any time.

                     (ii)       No dress, blouse, or shirt should have a neckline of lower than 2

                                student fingers’ widths below the collarbone (measured by

                                student’s own fingers).

                     (iii)      No dress, blouse, or shirt neckline may expose more than 2 finger

                                widths around the entire neckline. Shirts should not be loose

                                around the neck or gape open when bending forward.

                     (iv)      Stomach may not show when arms lifted above the head.

                     (v)       Blouses, polo shirts, and shells may not be tight around hips.

                     (vi)      Girls may not wear sleeveless dresses or blouses unless they wear

                                a shirt underneath.

                     (vii)     Colored blouses, polo shirts, and shells are acceptable.

                     (viii)    Any shirt worn under another shirt must not look like an

                                undergarment. (Lacey or sheer, etc.)

                     (ix)      Girls must wear a camisole with any of their white blouses or light

                                shirts that are more sheer. Camisoles or undershirts must provide

                                sufficient coverage (i.e. wide shoulder straps and high neckline—

                                two fingers from collarbone).

                     (x)       Girls may not wear tight fitting, hugging clothes or clothes that cup

                                under at any time.

                     (xi)      Girls may not wear sweaters, shirts, blouses, or coats with large

                                logos, pictures, or designs across the bust line.

                     (xii)     Girls will receive an “Oops slip” if there are infractions. More than

                                one dress code violation in a week will result in a 20-minute


                     (xiii)    No single buttons, or bows in the center or directly below the bust

                                line. Additionally, logos across the bust line are not permitted.

                     (xiv)    Pictures or designs are allowed on the shirt, but words are not

                                allowed. Single pictures or designs may not be located across the

                                bust line.

                     (xv)     No T-shirts allowed (i.e. a man’s styled, crew, or V-neck, cotton, or

                                double-knit shirt without a collar.)

                     (xvi)    Sweatshirts may not be worn in class.

                     (xvii)   White collared blouse required for chapel (may be a white polo


                     (xviii)  Adult volunteers and parents on field trips need to follow our dress


               b)   Girls’ Skirts and Dresses.
                     (i)       Skirts and dresses must be 2 inches below the bottom of the knee

                               both in the hemline and in any slits. They must still meet this

                               guideline while standing or sitting. (Please sew slits to the proper

                               length;safety pinning is not acceptable.)

                     (ii)      Skirts and dresses may be straight, but must be obviously roomy in

                               the hips and must not cling.

                     (iii)     No article of clothing may hug the bust line, midriff, hips, or backside.

                     (iv)     No pants, sweats, or mini-skirts are allowed.

                     (v)      Wrap-around skirts are acceptable, but must be pinned every few

                               inches from the waistline to the knee to keep the flap closed.

                     (vi)     Girls must wear proper length slips under all skirts and dresses.

                     (vii)    Lace on hemlines is only allowed on mid-calf skirts.

                     (viii)   Jean skirts may not be faded in improper places.

                     (ix)     A skirt may have a fringe, but may not be a fray that comes from

                               being old or torn.

               c)   Girls’ Shoes and Hose.

                     (i)      Dress shoes or casual shoes are acceptable.

                     (ii)     No heels higher than 3 inches.
                     (iii)    No roller shoes.
                     (iv)    Dress sandals are acceptable when worn with nylons only.

                     (v)     Girls must always wear nylons or socks of some type. Footie socks are

                              allowed with casual clothes. Full nylons must be worn with high heels.

                     (vi)    Tennis shoes are only acceptable if they are mostly white.

               d)   Girls’ hair.

                     (i)     No outlandish or worldly fashions.

                     (ii)    No gang look.

                     (iii)   Hair should be conservative and well groomed (bangs should not be

                             styled in a fashion that hangs over the eyes).

               e)   Girls’ Make-up and jewelry. (Girls only)

                     (i)      Make-up must not be conspicuous or overdone.

                     (ii)     Make-up must not be too thick or dark.

                     (iii)    No gothic look is acceptable.

                     (iv)    Girls may not wear dark colored nail polish.

                     (v)     Jewelry must be conservative and not excessive.

                     (vi)    Girls may only wear one pair of earrings at any time (one in each


                     (vii)   Girls may only wear one necklace at any time.

                     (viii)  Girls may only wear one ring on each hand at any time.

                     (ix)    Girls may wear only one bracelet per wrist (unless tied together).

         C.   Dress code for P.E. Class and field trips.
               a)   Boys must wear loose fitting, dark-colored, nylon warm-up pants or

                     maroon-colored warm-up pants.

               b)   Boys must wear a P.E. shirt purchased from the school office.

               c)   Girls must wear uniform culottes purchased from the school.

               d)   Girls must wear a P.E. shirt or volleyball jersey.

               e)   All K-4 - 6th graders must wear P.E. clothes on all class trips, and all 7th -

                     12th graders whenever it is specified by the teacher.

               f)    Tennis shoes must be worn for P.E. and must be mostly white and neatly


XIX.   Our Student Automobile Policy
         A.   Any student who plans to drive a vehicle on campus must meet these
               requirements in order to keep driving privileges on campus:
               a)   Proof of driver’s license and current insurance on file in office.
               b)   Written permission from parent or guardian on file in office.
               c)   Written list of who may ride with the student on file in office.
               d)   Students may not loiter in the parking lot, or return to their car during
                     class hours without special permission.
               e)   No students may congregate around vehicles before school, at lunch, or
                     after school hours.
               f)    Students must drive slowly and safely in the school parking lot.
               g)   Vehicles may be subject to search at anytime by a staff member.
               h)   Students may not leave campus during regular school days or tournament
                     days, unless parents provide a written permission slip to the office. Refer
                     to line “c” on previous page concerning passengers.
         B.   Driving to Christian Heritage Academy is a privilege not a right.

XX.  Relationships Between Genders
        A.   Boys and Girls are allowed to talk, fellowship, and be friendly with one another
              before school, after school, at break times, at lunch time and at church as long
              as it is done publicly and in a group of their peers.
        B.   Boys and girls will not sit together at the lunch tables, or play together in the
              gym, but are allowed to sit together in groups at church or in the gym before
              and after school (so long as there is an obvious six (6) inches of separation).
        C.   Dates (alone or in a group), phone calls, text messaging, instant messaging,
              direct messaging, or emails are not allowed between genders.
        D.   Staff members may break up any conversations between genders for any reason
               at their discretion.
        E.   All “dating offenses” are considered serious offenses and will be handled at
              discretion of the principal.

XXI. Our Student Mobile Phone Policy
        A.   We require that all mobile phones remain turned off at all times on campus.
              Students may possess cell phones, but they may not be used on campus
              during school or extended care hours.
        B.   If a student violates the Mobile Phone Policy they will be given one warning.
              Any subsequent violation will result in loss of all cell phone privileges on
        C.   Parents are asked to contact the students and the students to contact their
              parents through our school office.

XXII.  Merit Based Scholarship
        A.   Merit Based Scholarships will be awarded to two students in the Upper
              Learning Center. A Superior Student award and a Most Improved Student
              award will be given during the commencement exercises.
        B.   The Scholarships will be $250.00 for each award, and will be applied to the
              next school year’s tuition.
        C.   Designation of the awards: The scholarships will be given to students based
              on overall character, academic, and attendance. The formula to determine the
              winners will be as follows:
              a)   30 % of overall score is based on PACE Average.
              b)   30% of overall score is based on PACE’s Completed.
              c)   15% of overall score is based on Attendance.
              d)   15% of overall score is based on Detentions.
              e)   10% of overall score is based on Christian Character (at the discretion of our                     Upper Learning Center Supervisors).

XXIII.   Home-School Students Participation In Activities
        A.   Home-School students who are members of Bella Vista Baptist Church are welcome
               to participate in our sports program or attend field trips. Students from churches of
               like-faith and practice will be considered and allowed on an individual basis.
        B.   Home-School students are expected to meet all expectations of our Dress Code
               Standards of Conduct Policy.  This includes Sections XV through XVIII of the student
        C.   Parents and students wanting to participate in sports for Christian Heritage Academy
               will need to schedule a formal interview and sign a waiver regarding conduct prior to
               their acceptance.

XXIIV.  Our Pledges and our Motto
        A.   The Pledge of allegiance to the American Flag.
              a)  "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the
                    Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty
                    and justice for all.”
              b)  Recited together in class each morning.
        B.   The Pledge of allegiance to the Christian Flag.
              a)  "I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Saviour for whose
                    kingdom it stands, one Saviour, crucified, risen, and coming again with life
                    and liberty for all who believe.”
              b)  Recited together in class each morning.
        C.   The Pledge of allegiance to the Bible.
              a)  "I pledge allegiance to the Bible, God's Holy Word. I will make it a lamp unto
                    my feet and a light unto my path. I will hide its words in my heart that I
                    might not sin against God.”
              b)  Recited together in class each morning.
        D.   Our Motto is: “Training today’s youth for tomorrow’s world.”
        E.   Our school mascot is: “The Patriots”

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