Christian Heritage Academy

has been established to meet the educational needs of children in a Christ-centered environment, with dedicated Christian teachers, in a spiritual, academic atmosphere. Our school uses the Accelerated Christian Education program, which is based on Biblical philosophy, individually-prescribed, self-instructional curriculum, and an advanced system of motivated learning.

During the course of a school year, CHA uses these eight characteristics to help each student:


  • All of our teachers are born-again Christians, with testimonies that honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • Each class begins the day with prayer and Bible reading.
  • Weekly chapel services are conducted for the entire student body, providing Christ-honoring music and a Bible message that encourages Godly living.


  • Each level of academic work examines 60 character traits of Christ in great detail.
  • Students are taught that hard work produces excellence.
  • Students are expected to take responsibility for personal academic progress.


  • Christian Heritage Academy proudly uses the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum.
  • Our curriculum presents "mastery-based learning", meaning that students cannot move forward without demonstrating at least an 80% comprehension level of the current lesson.
  • Each student's learning level and ability are taken into consideration, allowing the curriculum to be a custom fit for your child.


  • Younger students utilize computer reinforcement for reading comprehension skills, foundational math skills, and word building.
  • Older students learn the latest Microsoft Office skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Windows OS.


  • At CHA, we realize that every child's development is different - physically, intellectually, and socially.
  • For example, a sixth grader might read anywhere from a fourth to  eighth-grade level. Math skills could also be higher or lower than their current grade.
  • The ACE curriculum diagnoses learning abilities and puts students in the appropriate grade in each subject.


  • The classroom environment must be conducive to learning for true learning to take place.
  • Using a system of marks and merits, a quiet, organized, loving environment is provided at CHA; each classroom is in full control of a teacher at all times.


  • Our curriculum and methods of instruction allow parents to see immediately how their students are progressing, and provide clear instructions on how to help at home.
  • Each class takes periodic field trips; we encourage parents to attend whenever possible!


  • It is our belief that America is great because she was founded upon Biblical principles.
  • Patriotism is highly stressed at CHA. Each day begins with the Pledge of Allegiance and students are encouraged throughout the year to become productive citizens in today's world.

Why we feel our school is different:

Our enrollment is open in all grades: K4 through the 12th grade. To learn more, or to request an enrollment packet, please contact our school secretary at 505-888-4156. School office hours are 8:00AM – 4:00PM Monday through Thursday.